Beautiful spring

I love spring best for flowers, because I am amazed by the moments that flowers just boom “in a second”. And I feel cheerful by spring flowers, since they kick winter away and bring colors to fresh the world :)



i thought Cannes would be commercial, but it’s actually small, fresh and delightful. the sea is very salty but shallow green blue. sitting along the shore, i just allowed the water to flap me over time. and i like the sea view with mountain in the distance – simple, clear and calm.

Inevitable spring

this Thurs night, i had a so so delightful dinner with a friend. i enjoyed every minute with him. lasagna, red wine, dessert. i knew him more than 3 years, but it’s the first time we talked about life and relationship, which allowed me to know him more from another angle. this is AMAZING, finding sth new in a friend, appreciating more the person who he really is.

yesterday, i had a lunch with a new friend. he took me to the best restaurant in our town (i think so). a very relaxing lunch and the beef was reallllllly good. he told me that he had the responsibility to take care of me since he treated me as a sister. he’s a decent man. we talked about best friend, interesting.

spring just comes here in a day or two. unbelievable. shots taken in the woods beside my yard.