Watercolor Workshop: 4 Tips to Get Started

Let’s get started. Watercolors are a dynamic medium filled with brightness and expression. They may seem daunting at first, but as a teaching tool (whether to children or in your own creative practice), watercolors present opportunities to practice short and long term planning, patience, and critical thinking. As we progress through the workshops, I will show you […]



i thought Cannes would be commercial, but it’s actually small, fresh and delightful. the sea is very salty but shallow green blue. sitting along the shore, i just allowed the water to flap me over time. and i like the sea view with mountain in the distance – simple, clear and calm.

Inevitable spring

this Thurs night, i had a so so delightful dinner with a friend. i enjoyed every minute with him. lasagna, red wine, dessert. i knew him more than 3 years, but it’s the first time we talked about life and relationship, which allowed me to know him more from another angle. this is AMAZING, finding sth new in a friend, appreciating more the person who he really is.

yesterday, i had a lunch with a new friend. he took me to the best restaurant in our town (i think so). a very relaxing lunch and the beef was reallllllly good. he told me that he had the responsibility to take care of me since he treated me as a sister. he’s a decent man. we talked about best friend, interesting.

spring just comes here in a day or two. unbelievable. shots taken in the woods beside my yard.